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Marcus Orlob, a native German studied and rode under Hubertus Schmidt, has proven success from starting the young horse and training through Grand Prix.



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Marcus Orlob was born and raised in Dusseldorf, Germany, where his love and foundation of dressage originated. Marcus successfully rode and competed as a Junior and Young Rider in Europe and later took his own horse through the levels and made his debut with success in the Grand Prix at the age of 21. From an early age, Marcus had the opportunity to study and ride under Hubertus Schmidt, one of Germany's top professionals. In conjunction to Hubertus, Marcus gained a great deal of knowledge over the course of a 3 year working student position with Johan Zagers, a respected International trainer and coach of the Brazilian Olympic team. Upon completing his apprenticeship, Marcus obtained the Bereiter F.N title from the German Riding School in Warendorf, Germany.


Paying attention to detail, test riding and bringing out the best in both the horse and rider are among just some of Marcus’s strengths. His lessons are delivered in a clear and systematic way with emphasis on correct and fair training according to the training scale and always works towards accomplishing his student’s goals. Marcus has a skill for evaluating different horses of all levels and then works to create a riding and training program that brings out the absolute best in the horse. Marcus is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist and has successfully competed both Nationally and Internationally, through the Grand Prix, consistently ranking in the top.


  • Won several S level and Prix St Georges throughout Europe.
  • Top Placings in the Grand Prix in Europe


  • Scores to 73% in Grand Prix
  • Scores to 71% in Intermediare II
  • Scores to 73% Intermediate I
  • Scores to 70% Prix St Georges


  • Region 8 Grand Prix Championships 7th Place
  • Reserve Champion Open Third Level
  • Scores to 77% Intermediare II
  • Scores to 73% Intermediare I
  • Scores to 75% Prix St Georges


  • Intermediate Musical Freestyle Challenge Year End Awards 19th Place
  • Intermediate Musical Freestyle Year End Awards 9th Place
  • Champion Region 1 Freestyle Intermediare I
  • Champion Region 1 Grand Prix Championship
  • Region 1 Prix St Georges Championship 3rd Place
  • Region 1 Intermediate I Championship 5th Place
  • US Dressage Finals Grand Prix Championship 6th Place
  • US Dressage Finals Intermediare I Freestyle 4th Place
  • US Dressage Fianals Intermediare I Championship 6th Place
  • Scores to 75% Grand Prix


  • Champion FEI Intermediare 1-Grand Prix CBLM
  • Region 1 Grand Prix Championship 3rd Place
  • CBLM Grand Prix Championship 3rd Place
  • Scores to 79% Prix St Georges
  • Scores to 73% Intermediate I


  • Region 8 Intermediare Championship