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Shannon Stevens is a successful International rider, who was also the first American to be excepted into the prestigious German Riding Academy.



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Shannon Stevens is a successful International rider and trainer who brings a fresh perspective to the classic German system. She has gained a reputation for good horsemanship and skillful riding, with an honest, empathetic and fair approach to her training, coaching and business skills. Having started riding at a young age in upstate New York with early influencers, Carol Quinn and Sally Swift, Shannon continued her training and studies at Johnson & Wales University earning a BS in Equine Business Management and Riding. Upon completing her academic studies, Shannon was accepted into the prestigious German Riding School and Westphalia State Stud in Warendorf, Germany where she had the unique opportunity to ride and train under several well respected German masters.


Shannon’s talent in starting young horses and bringing them up the levels from training to FEI has been successfully recognized, however, she is also a trainer who is passionate to help students and their equine partners of all levels to create a unique training and care regime to achieve personal goals. Her teaching style focuses on strong basics and the rider’s position and biomechanics and how to properly influence the horse with an emphasis on the training scale, which leads to correct and systematic training. Along with a successful competitive career, Shannon has imported and sold many horses here in the US and enjoys creating a special partnership between horse and rider and is respected for her honest approach. In addition to riding and training, Shannon’s days consist of managing both the business and the horses at Elite Expression Dressage where she works to develop and implement unique training and care programs that allow for success for both horse and rider in a fun and safe manner.



  • Horse Of The Year Prix St Georges
  • Champion Region 1 Open Prix St Georges
  • Reserve Champion Region 1 Intermediare I
  • US Dressage Finals 4th place Intermediare II
  • US Dressage Finals 6th place Intermediare I
  • US Dressage Finals 7th place Prix St Georges
  • Markel/USEF Young and Developing Horse National Championship 8th place Developing PSG
  • Scores to 70% Intermediate II
  • Scores to 75% Prix St Georges
  • Scores to 70% Intermediare I


  • Reserve Champion Region 1 Intermediare I


  • Champion Region 8 Open Training Level
  • Reserve Champion Open Third Level
  • Region 8 Open Fourth Level Championship 4th place
  • Champion US Dressage Finals 4th Level
  • US Dressage Finals 5th Place Training Level
  • US Dressage Finals 4th Place Third Level


  • Region 1 Open 3rd Level Championship 3rd place